From The Chef’s Pan

The gourmet will find that our cuisine offers far more than simple curries. We maintain that to be worthy of being presented as a meal, a curry must blend at least a dozen individual flavours of herbs and freshly ground spices into a piquant whole. Our dishes are prepared with the addition of fragrant, warm and pungent spices from India, separately prepared each day and delicately blended in meticulous proportions to give the distinctive flavours and aromas of the variety of meals we list below.

Curry Dishes

Medium spiced curry, a balanced flavour suitable for those new to Indian cuisine

Rogon Josh Dishes

Medium, slightly spiced and topped with tomatoes.

Korma Dishes

Mild with cream, coconut, sugar, sultanas and almonds

Bhuna Dishes

Mild or medium, served in a moist sauce, garnished with fresh coriander

Dansak Dishes

Fairly hot, sweet and sour, cooked with lentils and pineapple

Madras Dishes

Hot dish cooked with chilli & hint of lemon

Vindaloo Dishes

Very hot dish cooked with plenty of chillies

Dupiaza Dishes

Medium dish cooked with lots of onions

All of these dishes are available with:




King Prawn£8.95