Shabji Corner

Mixed Vegetable Podina£4.95

Vegetables cooked in a specially prepared fresh garden mint flavoured sauce, to make a mild, sweet and slightly sour taste with lemon zest

Mixed Vegetable Jhalfarezi£4.95

Cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and herbs, garnished with fresh chillies. (To get those taste buds dancing)

Mixed Vegetable Balti£5.95

Gently flavoured curry, traditionally eaten straight out of the dish with nan. This dish will be accompanied by a nan bread

Mushroom Masala£4.95

A richly spiced creamy sauce with coconut, almond powder and chopped mushrooms

Brinjol Rogon£4.95

Aubergine cooked in a spicy sauce topped with tomatoes

Mixed Vegetable Curry£4.95

Vegetables in a very slightly spiced curry sauce

Aloo Madras£4.95

Cubed potatoes cooked in a juicy and slightly tangy hot sauce

Chana Bhuna£4.95

Chick peas cooked in a medium-flavoured thick sauce

Mixed Vegetable Dansak£4.95

Vegetables cooked in a sweet and sour sauce with lentils and pineapples, fairly hot

Bindi Bhuna£4.95

Okras cooked in a spiced, medium-flavoured sauce

Bindi Sag Bhuna£5.95

Okra and spinach cooked in a spiced, medium-flavoured sauce

Mushroom Biryani£5.95

Saffron flavoured rice cooked with mushrooms, served with a vegetable curry