Shurawat Starters

Mixed Kebab£5.60

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and onion bhaji

King Prawn on Puri£4.60

Puri bread topped with spicy curried Bengal Tiger king prawns

Prawn on Puri£3.30

Puri topped with spicy curried prawns

Chicken Chatt£3.30

Small pieces of chicken cooked with chatt masala, served on a puri bread

Tandoori Chicken£3.30

A piece of spring chicken marinated with spices, skewered and barbecued in tandoor (Quarter)

Lamb Tikka£3.30

Pieces of lamb marinated with spices, skewered & barbecued in tandoor

Chicken Tikka £3.30

Skewered pieces of spring chicken marinated, spiced & barbecued in tandoor

Sheek Kebab£3.30

Minced lamb with special herbs and spices, skewered & barbecued in tandoor

Chana Puri£3.30

Chick peas cooked and lightly spiced, served on a puri

Samosa (Meat or Vegetable)£3.00

Layers of wafer-thin pastry filled with spiced minced meat or vegetables

Reshmi Kebab£3.30

Spiced mince patty wrapped with a spicy omelette

Onion Bhaji£2.90

Highly spiced deep fried onion balls

Aloo Chatt£3.30

Potato diced, lightly spiced and rolled in puri bread

Garlic Mushroom on Puri£3.30

Puri topped with spicy mushroom and extra garlic

Bengali Roast£3.60

Quarter of chicken roasted and smothered in a lightly spiced onion and tomato sauce

Shabji Puri£3.30

Bhuna style cooked vegetables with various spices, served on puri bread

Chingri Sizzler£4.95

Famous Bengal tiger prawns stir fried with onions and potatoes.

Hot Meat Puri£3.30

Lamb cooked in a hot spicy sauce and served on a puri bread.